Friday, February 5, 2010

My vision of school for the future has a lot more technological advances than the school system today. All binders and notebook paper will be thrown away, and the laptops will play a more prominent role. Of course, teachers will have to trust their students to get their schoolwork done, but that means the child will have to be responsible enough to get the information from the teacher. I believe that changing to this would be great to the individual because he or she will not have to worry about keeping up with multiple binders. Also, the teacher could just post notes on the computer where they could store them on their own computers. I also believe that teachers will begin to make their students take test and quizzes online. This will take away some stress from the teachers because they will not have to check each paper one by one, but they will have to check for errors occasionally . School days will be cut short to 4 days a week; therefore, there will be 3 day weekends. This takes stress off the teachers as well as the students because it takes one day off of school and adds one more day to planning. The blog will be used more frequently. Instead of turning in your homework to the teacher, all you have to do is post the homework on the site. The advances in the school system will not only be good for school purposes, but for society as well. With all of the advances, there will be less paper used; therefore, we will not have to cut down as many trees and our biome can continue to thrive. I also believe that with the technology advancing, that students will become more interested in learning just because of the new style of learning. With many different methods of teaching, students will not get bored with the typical pencil and paper and will have a fun and easy time with their computers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

D-Dedication- I am dedicated to achieve my goals
E-Excellence- I try to be excellent at everything I do
A-Always- I always try my best
N-Never- I never give up
D-Dependable- Everybody can count on me
R-Respect- I have to give respect to earn it
E-Enthusiasm- I will be enthusiastic about what I love

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The person in the poem has an obstacle in his way. His obstacle is the hole in the sidewalk. The first time he falls in, it takes him forever to get out. The second time he falls in, he pretends he does not see it and it takes him a long time to get out. The third time he sees the hole but because he has a habit of falling in, he falls in once again. He exits the hole immediately. The hole caught him by surprise the first time. He was not able to avoid it. He could have been proactive and took the initiative to see the hole the second time around, but he chose to pretend it was not there. Just by pretending the hole is not there, does not mean the obstacle is not there. He still has to realize his problems will still follow him. On his third trip, he sees the hole but still falls in. This is an example of developing a habit. Since he has fell into the hole so many times before, he is used to falling in and not maneuvering around it. But finally, he walks around it. He shows that bad habits can be broken. He moved himself from a reactive frame of mind to a proactive frame of mind. We all can change this life pattern by repetition. I believe the guy in this poem learned from his mistakes and that is why is was able to get around the hole.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Assignment 3

Read the poem and write a response utilizing the questions on the wiki for reference.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Assignment 2

Self evaluate your last project using the questions on our wiki for guidance.
200-300 words, due Tuesday, January 19.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Leadership is not as easy as it seems. In order to be a successful leader, you need to have love for the thing that you are leading. That is why lost love would have to be number one on my list on why leaders fail. To be a great leader, loving the thing that you do would push you through the hard times that that job may give you. For example, Bobby Bowden has been a college football coach for many years. He does it because he loves the game. He loves making an impact on another kids life. If he did not love the job, he would not have stuck with that job for so long.
Second on my list is a shift in focus. You must be focused on what you want to accomplish so no peripheral sights my blindside you. Third on my list would have to be the slipping of the ethics. Ethics is the background to be a successful leader. Your work ethic and integrity can take you a long way. Communication skills are also essential when dealing with leadership. You must be able to communicate freely with your followers. Without communication, it would be hard for you to obtain information from any of your followers. The last two are just as importatnt: risk aversion and poor self management. Risk aversion is people simply thinking too much about the outcome of something and self management is how you manage to take care of yourself.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010